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Let Community Camps, Inc. prepare your staff for the season ahead by officially certifying them to perform Medication Administration and/or Epi-Pen injections, as required by the CT Department of Public Health Camp/Day Care Licensing Program, and for CT School Bus Drivers.

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Note: Unless otherwise listed, Medication Administration and/or Epi-Pen Certification is available at each class.

Town Date Time
Online 6/5/24 6:00pm
Online 6/13/24 6:00pm
Enfield 6/17/24 6:00pm
Online 6/18/24 6:00pm

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* All teaching and tests will be completed as a live, group online class, interacting with the nurse teaching the course. Following the class, each student must individually demonstrate their skill administering an epipen by using an epipen "trainer" before the certificate will be issued. Students/camps must supply their own trainers, which can be purchased online from multiple sources, such as Amazon. Demonstrations can be completed during the class, or individually afterwareds.

** Epi Training Only

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Fees: $49/person ($35 for epi-pen only)

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